Easy v Hard

Easy things are …well easy. The things that are bad for us usually come very easily. Zeno said that it’s “better to trip the feet than with the tongue” because once you say something it’s too late – you can’t unsay it. Life is like that sometimes. It’s easy to criticise someone. It’s harder to hold your tongue – think calmly and maybe have a bit of empathy. It’s easy to lie in on a morning – you switch your alarm off and roll over. It’s hard to hear your alarm and jump out of bed – even if it’s cold and dark and you’re tired. It’s easy to skip a workout and say “tomorrow” – it’s hard to be consistent and keep pushing yourself with a routine. Lots of things in life are easy. But usually the most rewarding things in life come from the hard choices. The road less travelled perhaps. Or the road less congested. Because anyone and everyone can do easy.