6 Lessons from Tom Brady

I’m clearly biased as a Patriots fan but what Tom Brady has achieved in the NFL is absolutely incredible. Although records are there to be broken, did anyone really think we’d ever see a 43 year old quarterback win a 7th Superbowl? Not to mention he was quite unlucky not to win 3 more, losingContinue reading “6 Lessons from Tom Brady”

Internal Authority

For many of us the last year or so has presented us with new and unique circumstances that bring with them their own challenges and difficulties. It’s easy in the times we find ourselves in to feel like you’re in a boat in a storm. You’re trying to row but feel dragged by everything aroundContinue reading “Internal Authority”

Akrasia (not a place in Asia)

Akrasia (say it with me…Ah-Krah-see-ah) is not a country in Asia. Although it looks like it could be the name for a small nation sandwiched in somewhere. Akrasia is essentially all about willpower. It’s that feeling of knowing you “should” get something done but you don’t. It’s being told smoking is bad for you andContinue reading “Akrasia (not a place in Asia)”

The wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt: Quote Marathon #1

A regular feature is to find interesting people who have said interesting things and throw up a list of their quotes…the Quote Marathon!! The first interesting person who said interesting things is Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt (below). He was told as a child that due to his poor physical health, he would have to live aContinue reading “The wisdom of Theodore Roosevelt: Quote Marathon #1”