6 Lessons from Tom Brady

I’m clearly biased as a Patriots fan but what Tom Brady has achieved in the NFL is absolutely incredible. Although records are there to be broken, did anyone really think we’d ever see a 43 year old quarterback win a 7th Superbowl? Not to mention he was quite unlucky not to win 3 more, losingContinue reading “6 Lessons from Tom Brady”

Knowledge is Power

You don’t have to go back too far in history for information to be hoarded by the minority. Our education systems aren’t really that old. For all of the criticisms of modern education systems we forget that education is not something to be taken for granted. At a certain point in human history your knowledgeContinue reading “Knowledge is Power”

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Somewhere along the line many of us start to believe we’re “too old”, “not smart enough” or “not very good” at something. This is just a story we tell ourselves. The question we really need to ask is “is it possible?” Is it possible to learn a new language? Is it possible to learn toContinue reading “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Be the dumbest person in a room

As much as we all like to feel that momentary elation of thinking “what I just said was pretty damn smart”, I much prefer the opposite. The opposite? “Oh…I am an idiot.” Ego will blind you. Feeling smarter or superior prevents you from moving forward. Ego will let you sit there while others are working.Continue reading “Be the dumbest person in a room”

The Myth of Strengths – Superman and Goliath

A lot of people like to pretend like they don’t have any weaknesses. They parade their strengths and neglect or hide their weaknesses. You know the interesting thing about Superman? It isn’t that he’s Godlike with his powers. The interesting thing is that putting a green rock (Kryptonite) near him will level the playing field.Continue reading “The Myth of Strengths – Superman and Goliath”

Somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max…

“Just remember: somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max.” – Jim Conroy, Olympic weightlifting coach The above quote is really about ego. Don’t be one of those guys in the gym. You know who I mean right? The guy who slams down the weights, spends 15 minutes walking around in a vestContinue reading “Somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max…”