“So, what should each of us say to every trial we face? This is what I’ve trained for, for this is my discipline!” – Epictetus

Challenges at work or in our lives can sometimes make us want to throw in the towel and give up. Maybe we think about changing career or ending a relationship or abandoning a goal or pursuit. Because of course what’s the point in carrying on when you feel like you’re just doing enough to keep your head above water. Or maybe you’re putting in long hours at the office and feel like it’s all for nothing or you’re not getting results. But remember that if this is something you’ve put your time, your effort, your dedication into – this is your art. Trials and challenges in anything competitive actually improve you. They build your skills and your adaptability. Think about a boxer that always fights against others with poor records. Never challenging themselves. Often the best boxers, if managed and trained correctly, will test themselves incrementally against better and better opponents until they’re ready for a real test and a big fight. Because they need to test themselves against different styles, different challenges, different opponents – slowly facing tougher and tougher challenges. If they don’t do this – they’re unlikely to be able to come out on top against a top opponent. The other opponent is too experienced, too wise, too tested, too skilled. In turn then it benefits for someone to take some punches, go through the rounds, face some adversity and difficulty and hone their craft.

Think of yourself like a boxer. Honing your craft with every challenge. Learning. Testing. Probing. Getting better slowly but surely. So one day when a big challenge comes your way – you’re more than ready. You’re quietly confident. “I’ve got this” you say.

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