The Buck Stops Here

The above was a sign on Harry Truman’s desk. Nice touch. But it goes beyond being the President. We may not be responsible for a whole country. But we are always responsible for ourselves. Maybe we aren’t the root cause for why something has happened. But we always have responsibility for how we respond. DoContinue reading “The Buck Stops Here”


It’s easy to be disappointed with the way things work out sometimes. “Should have…” – “could have…” – “if only…” We compare and contrast outcomes with the grass is always greener methodology. “I’ll be happy when…” Our locus of control represents such a small part of our lives. The vast majority of what goes onContinue reading “Disappointment”

Behind the Curtain

“The true man is revealed in difficult times.” – Epictetus – Discourses We want an easy life most of the time. Heck our species fought just to survive for thousands of years – so now we’re in this place of relevant comfort – wouldn’t we be stupid if we sought out stress? The harsh truthContinue reading “Behind the Curtain”

From the Ashes…

 “Although I am over 67 years old, I’ll start all over again tomorrow.”- Thomas Edison – NY Times Thomas Edison said the above after his factory burned down. The whole town was out watching the scene. Imagine towards the latter part of your life and career not being completely torn down internally by watching your business burn to the ground. ButContinue reading “From the Ashes…”

Life’s no Soft Affair

Seneca LETTER CVII “Things will get thrown at you and things will hit you. Life’s no soft affair. It’s a long road you’ve started on: you can’t but expect to have slips and knocks and falls, and get tired.” Things will get thrown at you – some by random events – some with deliberate malice.Continue reading “Life’s no Soft Affair”

Wipe Your Nose

“But my nose is running!” “What do you have hands for, idiot, if not to wipe it?” “But how is it right that there be running noses in the first place?” “Instead of thinking up protests, wouldn’t be easier just to wipe your nose?” Epictetus – Discourses It’s easy to sit and think “poor meContinue reading “Wipe Your Nose”

4 Books Better Than Any TV Series

First and foremost I’m not “anti-TV”. I watch it and I enjoy it. Although I do try to at least find shows that evoke something. Not just putting it on for background noise while I sit and do something else. Comedy – make me laugh. Thriller – hook me etc etc. TV has came aContinue reading “4 Books Better Than Any TV Series”