Behind the Curtain

“The true man is revealed in difficult times.” – Epictetus – Discourses We want an easy life most of the time. Heck our species fought just to survive for thousands of years – so now we’re in this place of relevant comfort – wouldn’t we be stupid if we sought out stress? The harsh truthContinue reading “Behind the Curtain”

Life’s no Soft Affair

Seneca LETTER CVII “Things will get thrown at you and things will hit you. Life’s no soft affair. It’s a long road you’ve started on: you can’t but expect to have slips and knocks and falls, and get tired.” Things will get thrown at you – some by random events – some with deliberate malice.Continue reading “Life’s no Soft Affair”

Wipe Your Nose

“But my nose is running!” “What do you have hands for, idiot, if not to wipe it?” “But how is it right that there be running noses in the first place?” “Instead of thinking up protests, wouldn’t be easier just to wipe your nose?” Epictetus – Discourses It’s easy to sit and think “poor meContinue reading “Wipe Your Nose”

Internal Authority

For many of us the last year or so has presented us with new and unique circumstances that bring with them their own challenges and difficulties. It’s easy in the times we find ourselves in to feel like you’re in a boat in a storm. You’re trying to row but feel dragged by everything aroundContinue reading “Internal Authority”