One Never Arrives

We seem to treat many things in our lives as definable with an end point. We’ve all met someone personally and professionally who claimed or acted like they had all the answers. It’s easy with age, experience, education and awards to start to buy in to our own bullshit and the story we tell ourselves of just how good we are. We deserve more money, more plaudits, more respect, MORE MORE MORE.  “So and so is an idiot” because they have a different view point.

If you look back on yourself 5-10 years ago, you’ll probably realise just how naive you were to think you had all/any answers back then. Likewise you’ll look back on yourself right now a few years down the line and think the same. Because we grow and evolve every day, every week, every year. Only the naive and arrogant think that there is no room for improvement.

Success – Mastery – Perfection – Winning – Whatever you want to call it, it’s not an end point. If your view is that you’re finished or that learning is for the young or new, you haven’t learned anything at all.

Confidence is important. Arrogance is dangerous.

One never arrives.



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