Fear of Failure?/Fear of Success?

“we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

Comparatively we live in a fairly blessed time in human history. The average Joe on the street in most countries has more freedom and options available to them, on the whole, than they did in 1920 or 1820.

We think of fear as “being afraid” in some grand scale – shi**ing ourselves over something awful happening to us or our loved ones. In reality fear encompasses our lives on a daily basis. The times we avoid being honest with ourselves and others to avoid uncomfortable realities. The times we avoid a difficult situation, don’t apply for that job, don’t take that trip, don’t try that new food. If we avoid painful situations we also sometimes avoid the positives – because of course what if you apply for that promotion and you get it and get found out and the whole world finds out you’re not good enough?

What I do know is that the greatest and most significant moments in my own life have came about by overcoming some fear, small or large. Without overcoming that fear, even for that split second of decision, those transformative events would not have occurred. It is wise and recommended to not rush into things for the sake of proving something. Likewise on the flip side rushing in to overcome fear without consideration has also led me down some paths I wish I hadn’t journeyed on. But if you live cautiously and live in fear – you’ll never find out who you are and who you could be. It’s in our moments of vulnerability that we discover we’re not made of glass – there’s more in us – it just takes a little bit of courage from time to time to find out.

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