Lessons from Super Mario

What can you learn from a cartoon game character?

Mario faces challenges and hardships in his pursuit of saving the Princess and saving the day. Guess what? Mario can’t save anyone if he doesn’t move forward and take the occasional leap. In most video games you’ll be challenged and sometimes you’ll fall down and have to restart all over again.

We can all learn from video games in that you have to keep playing the game to get better at it and to win the game. Throwing the control down in a tantrum and deciding to quit because it’s too hard doesn’t help you get any closer to the finish.

To get better at a game and any process it takes;

  • Time
  • Application/Focus
  • Learning from mistakes and successes 

Flipping the Monopoly board has never won a single game of Monopoly. Nor can you learn anything from it other than how long it takes to clean up.

Keep playing the game/process – give it the time and focus required and keep learning from what works and doesn’t work and you’ll find – you may have just improved.



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