Lessons from Super Mario

What can you learn from a cartoon game character? Mario faces challenges and hardships in his pursuit of saving the Princess and saving the day. Guess what? Mario can’t save anyone if he doesn’t move forward and take the occasional leap. In most video games you’ll be challenged and sometimes you’ll fall down and have toContinue reading “Lessons from Super Mario”

Fear of Failure?/Fear of Success?

“we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca Comparatively we live in a fairly blessed time in human history. The average Joe on the street in most countries has more freedom and options available to them, on the whole, than they did in 1920 or 1820. We think of fear as “being afraid”Continue reading “Fear of Failure?/Fear of Success?”

Instant vs Long Term

If there’s a key word for our current culture, then it’s “SPEED.” We’ve become accustomed to speed. Right here. Right now. Fast wi-fi Instant streaming Same day deliveries “15 Second Abs” Instant noodles Quick results = success. The end product less traveled. Ancient wisdom said – “Fuck same day delivery!” OR perhaps more likely –Continue reading “Instant vs Long Term”

1 Lesson Learned From a Turkey (sort of)

American Thanksgiving took place this week. I don’t know much about the day or the holiday being from the UK but I do like the idea of “giving thanks*.” Strangely, it’s not something we practice a lot of in general. Sure, we might say “thanks” when we buy a cup of coffee or someone holdsContinue reading “1 Lesson Learned From a Turkey (sort of)”

Shoe Dog Billionaire: Lessons from Nike

So I’ve recently finished an autobiography by the founder of Nike, Phil Knight. Shoe Dog is hands down one of the very best books I’ve read. I love recommending books to people. If something isn’t worth recommending, is it really worth reading? So… Buy it here.. So what makes this book so special? Autobiographies are renownedContinue reading “Shoe Dog Billionaire: Lessons from Nike”