It’s easy to be disappointed with the way things work out sometimes. “Should have…” – “could have…” – “if only…”

We compare and contrast outcomes with the grass is always greener methodology. “I’ll be happy when…”

Our locus of control represents such a small part of our lives. The vast majority of what goes on in the world is external to us. You can’t control politics, global events, the weather, what happens with your favourite sports team or so many other externals. It would be nice to no doubt. But we have to remember that life isn’t a straight line affair. It’s up and down and up and down. Good mixed with bad. Opportunity mixed with difficulty. Sure many have far greater opportunity and some have far worse difficulty than others. No life is the same. No person experiences the world the same. But if you instead focus on the little that you can control – perspective, optimism, reflection, attitude, growth mindset, positivity, being friendly, being authentic, having integrity, taking action on positive steps – exercise, diet, nature, career, education, relationships, wellbeing. It doesn’t take much to frame ourselves away from negativity. We accept that things and ourselves will never be perfect – but we can do the best we can with what we have in front of us. Take action on the little in our control to make things just a little better each day – as the happy warrior in Wordsworth’s poem goes- “looks forward”…””from well to better, daily self-surpast” …

It’s natural to feel let down with things or with ourselves or because we really thought we were going to win the lottery – but acceptance that sometimes that’s just the way things go is half the battle. Be disappointed. But let it drive you on to take action on the things we can move, we can make happen.

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