Everyone Carries A Shadow

“Everyone carries a shadow” – Carl Jung

We all have a dark side. I don’t mean ‘evil’ – just a side we rarely show to the world. Our underlying fears, anxieties or maybe our aggressive qualities. We try to pretend they don’t exist. The person that’s afraid may put on a bravado. The person that’s anxious might instead present a false confidence or arrogance to the world. The person who has aggressive qualities might appear overly nice. While it’s fine to not reveal all of ourselves to others – the issues arise when we hide parts of ourselves from ourselves. When we lie to ourselves about who we really are. Take for example someone who is passive aggressive – passive aggressiveness comes out as underhanded sniping at others instead of speaking our minds to others in an open and honest manner. We see people everyday occasionally flash their underlying intentions or thoughts. Self-denial about our thoughts, feelings and the aspects of our personality we may not like to admit to usually leads to more long term destructive complications.

We all have to confront ourselves and become comfortable with who we are and who we aren’t. We’re not perfect. Get comfortable with your perfectly imperfect self. Denying who you are is only at your detriment.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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