We’re a generation that sees clickbait headlines, clickbait media, scrolls through social media posts, like or dislike things on a split second read or decision. Split second opinions with our split second attention.

Everyone takes a side or decides a viewpoint in an instant.

No one stops to say “hmmm I’m not sure” – if we’re interested we should read and explore both sides of the discussion or argument. Even if it doesn’t change our mind or reinforces our original viewpoint – at least we’re more informed on the discussion. If there is a reason why people seem so opposed in viewpoints in most matters these days it’s likely because we become so attached to having to be right – “we’re on the right side” – “we support the right team” – think about it – look at sports – you can hate your favourite sports team but if someone who supports another team criticises them you’ll become offended. Because we have a sense of identity in our views and who or what we support. There is nothing wrong with defending our beliefs – but there is if it means we can’t even try to know more about what others are saying – right or wrong. More so now when we can so quickly attach ourselves to a quick headline or story.

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