Internal Authority

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For many of us the last year or so has presented us with new and unique circumstances that bring with them their own challenges and difficulties. It’s easy in the times we find ourselves in to feel like you’re in a boat in a storm. You’re trying to row but feel dragged by everything around you. Global events beyond our control are nothing new, nor or pandemics or economic difficulties. History has proven that bad things happen very often over a course of time. In fact, the subject of history often gets the bulk of it’s material from these bad things happening. Think about it – how often did you open a textbook to look at “the hundred years peace” or read about the time when everyone was healthy and happy?

We’re all looking for leaders to step up and put things right. Sadly we’ll all likely be disappointed. No one has yet to invent a time machine to take us back to 2019 so we can go out for dinner every night, go to the cinema and get drunk in our local pub every night to bathe in that pre-lockdown freedom.

Times are hard and I’m sure they’ll get even harder for many. But what we need to remember is that so much of the events that occur during our time on this planet are completely outside of our control. We can’t control the time allotted to us or what is going to happen around us. But we always have control over ourselves. How we react, how we act and what we do with the time we have.

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