Everyone Needs a Hobby

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

Everyone needs a hobby. A real and proper hobby. Watching TV or working don’t count.

We often go between two modes – work and rest, where possible. Our days filled with work, our family responsibilities and then how we unwind outside of those responsibilities. It could be watching TV, having a nice bath or exercising. But we’re quite dual minded – 1.) responsibilities 2.) relax

We all need to find a hobby. And there are endless amounts of them. Something that takes your mind off work, that still takes effort on your part but making works different parts. Take drawing or painting – working your creative skills and they take a lot of focus and attention to detail. It works different parts of you than say creating a report analysing data. A good hobby can be the middle ground between work and relax. Something that still takes time, effort, creativity, practice, focus – but is different to your normal day to day. A form of meditation by putting your attention on something on a regular period of time. Many people in history have taken up some kind of hobby, which can often be highly varied from their “day to day” – gardening, art, hiking, chess, playing an instrument, collecting, listening to music, nature, history, sailing, swimming, design, DIY, writing – the list is vast. William Wordsworth used to walk for miles in the Lake District every day – even inspiring probably his best known poem – I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. Winston Churchill used to paint and even took up bricklaying at one point. Vastly different to his day job and apparently his bricklaying wasn’t that great. But the point being – he tried his hand at other things outside of the day job. We tend to have hobbies when we’re young – kids like to collect things and get excited about trying new things even if they quit them down the line. We have to get out of our own way where we live this life of work or rest – nothing in between the two. The great thing is that you can find excitement in discovering something new or find something that helps with your creativity or knowledge or helps you relax and unwind more. If something isn’t for you then there’s plenty more to look at. Every one needs a hobby.

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