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This is YOUR life. It isn’t someone else’s. So with that in mind. Live it the way you see fit. At times I’ve done things to keep other’s happy or followed their advice rather than listening to myself. While it’s important to listen to other’s and take what they have to say into consideration rather than ploughing ahead with a “I know best” mentality – do it too much and you will find you’re unable to make decisions for yourself. Every great thing I’ve ever done has came with a degree of uncertainty, risk, embarrassment and failure. Some of them did end badly. But some of them were the very best things I’ve ever done. Take for example your parents. They usually want “what’s best” for you. But the whole point of parenting and directing your kids is about protecting them until they’re at an age where they can make their own choices (hopefully wisely). Many parents worry about their children and want them to pursue the best careers, live nearby, speak to them regularly and still want a high level of input in their decisions. It’s easy to see why because they spend years or decades doing so. It becomes a habit. But truly successful parenting is being able to let go. The flip side is that transitioning into a fully functioning adult is taking responsibility and accountability for your own actions and decisions. We all need our family, partners, friends or mentors from time to time. This isn’t a “be a lone wolf” mentality I’m preaching here. But to truly own your life you need to be comfortable with yourself, your decisions, your goals, your dreams and your outcomes. When things go wrong don’t point the finger and blame others. Take it on the chin, dust yourself off and go again. If you rely on living the life prescribed to you by others you’ll wake up and find you’re living someone else’s life. Usually this is what makes us miserable when we reflect back and realise we pursued the wrong things or things that weren’t important. Or we live our life in a way that is only there to impress others. We don’t do anything that people think is different or “weird” because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves by standing out for the wrong reasons. We abandon passions and hobbies or fail to begin because of what other people may think. Until you go down your own path it’s hard to own it. If you don’t take ownership, that too can become a negative habit. It’s your life. Live it the way you see fit.

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