Reflecting on Reflection

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Who are you?

I mean really? Not your name or your profession or your hobbies. But who are you deep down?

No audience watching, no one to impress or to complain to.

Can you have that conversation with yourself honestly – warts and all?

Perhaps it’s a conversation we should have with ourselves more often. We change and evolve over the course of our lifetimes yet we often have a story of who we are that we present to the world and it may be one that’s years old or a mask we wear to fit in with others. If you don’t really know yourself and who you are deep down – what are your values – what do you value – is it any wonder so many of us end up unhappy. What brings out joy in you, what are you looking for in a partner, when do you feel most alive? Are you happy with the way you have acted and things you have or haven’t done in the past? Who are you and who do you want to be?

If you can’t be honest with yourself with some of those questions then how can you ever hope to be honest with anyone else?

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