Reading List: Best Books – Biography

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Over the last few years I’ve read a lot of books on various topics. I always enjoy the pleasure that comes from recommending a book to someone where it has a positive impact or reception with that person. I’m a firm believer that a handful of good books can resonate with people and have a unique impact on them.

With that in mind I wanted to share my best recommendations for people to discover for themselves. The below is a list I’ve put together but in no specific ranking. You may have already read some. If not I can’t recommend the below enough. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below, as well as sharing your own top 10.

1.) The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt – Edmund Morris

2.) Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

3.) Leonardo da Vinci – Water Isaacson

4.) Boyd: The Fighter Pilot who Changed the Art of War – Robert Coram

5.) Titan: The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr – Ron Chernow

6.) Greek Lives /Roman Lives/The Biographies – Plutarch

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