5 Books That Will Make You Super Productive

Below are 5 books that if you haven’t already read them, will change the way you think about productivity. They’ll also give you a rich variety of ideas, thoughts and tools to make you your most productive ever! Let me know what you think about the recommendations and feel free to share any of yourContinue reading “5 Books That Will Make You Super Productive”

8 Non Fiction Books To Read Right Now

The below books all bring something different to the table but I can’t recommend them enough. Non-Fiction is extremely rich in the choices available to us and thankfully we live in a time when books and texts are so widely available and accessible. I don’t think you’ll regret reading any of the below. They areContinue reading “8 Non Fiction Books To Read Right Now”

Reading List: Best Books – Biography

Over the last few years I’ve read a lot of books on various topics. I always enjoy the pleasure that comes from recommending a book to someone where it has a positive impact or reception with that person. I’m a firm believer that a handful of good books can resonate with people and have aContinue reading “Reading List: Best Books – Biography”