More – Never Enough

There is always someone with more than us out there. Someone with more money, a bigger home, a nicer car, more talent, more fame. Often this is used to make us feel pretty shitty about ourselves (see most lifestyle magazines). We don’t feel grateful because look what we don’t have?!

WAIT a second – compare your current circumstances to other’s worst. War, genocide, racism, sexism, illness. If there is always someone out there with “more” – you can count on the fact that there will also be someone with less or in far a worse situation. You can work with that because chances are your bottom would make most people immensely happy. We tend to forget that it wasn’t too long ago in human history terms that we didn’t have the majority of todays comforts.

If you’re going to focus on what you don’t have – pay attention to all the bad things you don’t have either.


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