Be the dumbest person in a room

As much as we all like to feel that momentary elation of thinking “what I just said was pretty damn smart”, I much prefer the opposite.

The opposite?

“Oh…I am an idiot.”

Ego will blind you. Feeling smarter or superior prevents you from moving forward. Ego will let you sit there while others are working. Ego will let you deflect that one great idea from a colleague because you know best.

I feel like an idiot in most rooms I walk in. I love this feeling.

People will always have their own unique insights, knowledge and experience to share. This can often make you feel inadequate.

It’s so uncomfortable. But humans love comfort (LaZ boy recliners prove this theory).

So how do we avoid this feeling?

You don’t.

That discomfort you feel will be the emotional push that makes you read that book, watch that video, ask the questions and keep going.


The day you stop learning is the day your ego says “lets be comfortable”.

Comfort is where you sit still. To sit still in a world where people are constantly moving forward? You’re not sitting still…you’re going backwards.

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