What car manufacturers can teach us about Goals: Part 1

It’s January. The majority of you will have some sort of goal or resolution you’re aiming for. But rather than talk about what goals you should be chasing, I figured I would talk about building cars instead.

Ever tried to build Lego without the instructions? It’s extremely difficult. For those of you that have a sixth sense for where the bricks need to go…I salute you. The instructions though are part of the right process. The best manufacturers firmly believe in following the right process. The right process will deliver the right results.

So for dramatic effect, remember…


Toyota has a company wide principle – Genchi Genbutsu. This literally means to go see for yourself. You don’t just go off opinion, you get out of your seat and go have a look. Yet most of us will probably try the same things and wonder why we get the same results. If you embrace Genchi Genbutsu, then you’re being open to investigating, finding solutions and trying new things. How many times have you heard someone criticise something without actually having tried it? “Oh no I don’t like Thai food.”…

I appreciate that there is a lot of information overload out there. We’ve all seen dietary advice that contradicts something you read a few minutes earlier. There’s always going to be a new fad diet or exercise program every few months. Some say if you look close enough at certain pyramids, there are some bench press tips carved in there. But if you cut through most of the marketing and latest news stories, chances are you can still find basic fundamentals. We live in an age of unlimited information. Be grateful, because a few generations ago, a book was a luxury. Today? With a quick online search, you can find the answer to pretty much any question you have.

The best car makers don’t find failures, they find Muda (waste). What do they do with waste? They eliminate what doesn’t work and go right back to finding what does work. You eliminate it and improve the process. Improving the process will improve the results

If you want to talk about motivation, there is no better motivator than visible results. So implement the right process and the right results will follow. But you’ve got to go see for yourself. 


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