Busy Being Busy

There is a modern obsession with being busy. We like to wear it like a badge of honour. People busy being busy. No time to rest, little time for friends and family, no time to think, let’s just be busy.

“How are you?”

“Busy – rushed off my feet.” 


“I would love to but I don’t have the time.” 

When we do have time to relax, we don’t even do that properly. We spend time finding something to watch on Netflix, respond to group chats, text, browse Facebook, eat, drink, chat – because we just have so much to do.

There’s a Japanese manufacturing concept; Heijunka – it means “levelling”. It reduces unevenness and minimises the chance of overburden. If you’re overburdened, it can lead to burn out.


Perhaps the best thing you can do for productivity is to set aside some quality time to genuinely relax without distractions.


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