Right Here, Right Now: Blame Amazon! Blame Netflix!


It’s said that patience is a virtue. But anyone that’s experienced a poor WiFi connection has, I’m sure, felt that creeping annoyance that arises from having to wait for something.  You may have witnessed or even participated in that sacred ritual of shouting at an inanimate object. Urging it with increasing volume to do its job. If things still don’t work, perhaps you’ll follow the sagely wisdom of grandparents everywhere – “try bashing it!”If the golden trifecta of “shout-abuse-hit” don’t work then you’ll likely and rationally contemplate changing computer, phone and/or service provider.

You see if the last decade has given us anything, then it’s a clear focus on speed:

Use an app to pre-order your coffee and avoid a queue. 

Stream a movie instead of going to the cinema.

Get the latest, fastest phone.

Join Prime to get your delivery tomorrow. 

Buy an e-book to download it now.

Share holiday photos while on holiday.

Buy a “15 minute abs” or “30 day fat loss” DVD

Google “quick meals” 

We all live busy lives and are trying to juggle a hundred important things every day. Everything new, innovative or evolutionary has a half-life of sorts. A period of time before it’s either; taken for granted or superseded by the next big thing. Rinse and repeat – over and over again. Our expectations evolve over time, as do our base standards of what we’re willing to accept. The services, amenities and technology at our disposal today are staggering. But they’ve also meant that we expect everything right here, right now. Quick solutions to everything in our lives.

But if you take a quick trip down that road called Nostalgia Lane…Renting movies in a store, dial up internet, four TV channels, no mobile phones, no digital cameras, cassettes, road atlas for directions, no Google search, no Starbucks, no Uber, VHS, 90’s haircuts. This isn’t meant to send shivers down your spine as you tell your children that you had things tough back in an age before flat screen TV’s. But just remember that you lived, survived and thrived with a lot less at your disposal.

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